• Birth Name: Víctor Gabriel Sante Valles

  • Modernization of Name: Victor Sandoval

  • Aliases/Titles Held: Roi du Sang (King) of Maison Royale de Sang, Elder, Executioner ("El Verdugo") 

  • Born: Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, A Coruña, Spain

  • Race: Vampire

  • D.O.B.: April 1717 (Taurus)

  • Turned: 1739 (age 22)

  • True Age: 256

  • Age He Appears: Early 30s

  • Sire: Condesa (Countess) Renata de Luna - Deceased (NPC)

  • Savior\Paramour\Muse\Queen: Isabel d'Orleans

  • Profession: Painter (Oils, Gauche) - Studied under the great masters of the schools of Baroque, Rococo, Romanticism, Impressionism. Collector, Private Appraiser & Restorationist

  • Languages Spoken: Spanish, English, French, Italian

  • Additional Skills: Pianist - Classical (taught by his progeny Paolo Albergati - deceased) Dancer - Latin Forms

  • On His Person: Leather billfold w/ I.D., c.c's, $500 cash. Gold corkscrew, 9mm Glock, small leather sketchbook, embroidered handkerchief, cellphone, keys.

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