Name: Shae Nessa Muirgen
Age: 25
Born: South Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Profession: Forensic Artist & Anthropologist for RayRain Society (A privately funded research facility) 
Graduate: Fine Art & Visual Art (BFA) The New School - New York & Forensics Training, CSI, Forensic Anthropology @ Boston University
Languages: (Moderate) Irish, (Fluent) Spanish & (Fluent) ASL

Shae Muirgen

▧FAMILY: (Are NPCs and not up for playable characters)
Father: Padrig James Muirgen (Retired Superintendent In Chief South Boston Police Dept)
Mother: Moira Rose Kelly-Muirgen (DECEASED)
Brother: Dr. Conor Padrig Muirgen (Doctors Without Borders)
Husky: Fergus (Puppy extraordinaire)
Jaxynn-Jaxxy & Shae enjoy dancing, going out on the town & causing a little trouble. Shae considers  Jaxynn her best friend, sex-kitten and forever protector. It is Jaxynn that saved Shae's life when her mother was murdered.
Falcon Black-See his tab.
Dr. Ecatarina Grigore - Admired and respected head honcho at Hamilton Research who became Shae's 2nd closest friend. The crimson haired beauty & Shae have a tumultuous relationship but the greatest things in life are rarely the easiest.
Dr. Peter Gallows-Lycan colleague Shae grew close to during her last expedition in Cairo. Peter saved her life in Cairo, they have become extremely close.

At the age of 10, Shae witnessed the murder of her mother.  By happenstence, the child herself was saved by Jaxynn, who became an extremely important person to Shae on a multitude of levels. 

Shae's mother's murderer has never been found despite Shae's father dedicating his entire career and life to finding his wife's murderer.

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