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  • Perma-anything: you do not ever have my permission to do permanent damage such as: death, dismemberment, or disfigurement. Let's discuss any other significant themes/scenes.

  • Child/Age-play -NO! Nasty

  • Rape (me or you)

  • Pregnancy, Marriage, Collaring, Relationships with anyone but Jaxynn. - see inworld profile partner box

  • I will try my best to ask you if what I want to do is okay, in an IM, if it is not okay and I have not IM'd you please know it is not to be a dick, I get into the RP and forget. So IM me and let's communicate nicely to one another so we can have a good time.




  • Jaxynn and I roleplay together and have for over 11 years. We are a package deal. If you see us pose in a manner that can seem like we are finishing each other's sentences or playing off one another's poses, taking actions like touching and other contact, it is not bad form on our part as roleplayers, we are just that used to roleplaying with one another for so long, there is an extreme comfort level. We, however, do NOT do this to other players/characters. 

  • I am incredibly accustomed to posing right after her. My apologies if this messes up pose order, it is TRULY not me being rude, merely an ingrained habit. Thanks for understanding if this happens.