Andrew "Andy" Grayson

Character is NOT being roleplayed in RP community at this time.

Basic Information
  • Name: Andrew Grayson

  • Nickname: Andy

  • Age: 19

  • Born: Gorton, Manchester, United Kingdom

  • Languages: English, Romanian

  • University Major: Classical Music - Pianist

  • University Minor:  Fine Arts - Animation

  • Race: Werewolf (Omega) - Separated From Familial Pack

  • Skills: DJ, Portraiture, Repairman

  • 01110111 01101111 01101100 01100110

Additional Facts
  • Andy grew up in gang laden, extremely violent neighborhood. He learned very quickly how to defend himself, even before he came into his Wolf. Due to this, he does not back down from altercations, no matter how 'big and bad' the opponent may be. Though he does not actively look for altercations, he does not run with his tail between his legs.

  • Not the 'biggest' guy around, but do not underestimate him, he is very capable of scrapping, brawling, fighting and defending himself.

  • Survived a gang attack - 4 against 1. Was in Plays classical piano but hid it most his young life due to the environment he grew up in.


Andy grew up in Manchester, England, Gorton to be precise. Gorton, gritty poor and gang laden.  Row after row of housing, identical in their dilapidation and varying only in their tepid color variations. 


Rough and hardened souls left for work each morning living paycheck to paycheck. 


The populace made up of blue-collar workers, the manual laborers, manufacturing, mining, construction, mechanical, maintenance, technical installation. 


Poor and struggling, most turned to illegal activities-petty crimes to full on gangs pushing for mob-style control of the boroughs.  It was the epitome of a ghetto, not a place one wanted to be out at night for fear of rape, mugging, and murder.  The daytime wasn't much better and certain areas were completely off limits unless you had a death wish. 


Despite its often chaotic activity, the neighborhoods of Gorton had occupants who though rough and poor, stuck together like a dysfunctional family. Most households were dysfunctional, broken homes, too many children, the stereotypical drug addicts and government welfare abusers, aggressive dogs barking behind chain-linked fences.


Yet, within this mecha of chaos, one family hid away a great secret.

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